Our Services

Complete Tower and Drum Services

International Energy Services offers a variety of tower, reactor and drum services. We handle anything from repairs, reinstallations, and replacements of pipe flanges, trays, packing, nozzles, and mist eliminator pads to complete tower retrofits. We utilize manual weld overlays and semi automatic overlays. We can also perform modifications that follow ASME Code, U Stamp and R Stamp standards.

General and Preventative Maintenance

Our experienced professionals are able and qualified to perform a variety of preventative and general maintenance services. We employ highly-trained safety technicians, pipefitters, boilermakers, welders, engineers, supervisors, planners, coordinators, laborers, and warehouse personnel. We are also able to conduct API inspections (510, 653, 570).

Operation Revamps and Upgrades

Does your refinery need an upgrade to improve processing output or update desalters and metallurgical components? Perhaps you need a coker or FCCU revamp. International Energy Services can assist with and perform a variety of revamp and upgrade services. Our experts are highly trained to follow protocols to ensure your next refinery improvement is conducted safely and efficiently.

Pressure Vessels, Pipe Fabrication & Installation

Our fabrication facility employs ASME-certified welders and other skilled professionals that can fabricate and install a pressure vessels and pipes to fit your project's needs and requirements. We follow a rigorous QA/QC process to ensure our work is thoroughly vetted, documented, verified, and most of all - done safely. Our facility houses a variety of fabrication equipment such as semi-automatic, high frequency alloy, and multi-process welding machines.


Our professionals have an established history of completing turnarounds, general maintenance programs, and construction projects for plants and refineries all over the globe, all while maintaining an impeccable safety record. We have experience working with a variety of units such as: Alkyation, Crude, Coker, Distallation, Gas Oil, Naptha Hydrotreater, Reformer, Ethylene, Olefin, Hydrocraker, and Sulfur Recovery units. We have also worked with a variety of materials such as chlorine, caustic chemicals, vinyls, polyethylene, and boilers.

Heat Exchanger Services

We utilize a variety of hydraulic bundle extractors capable of performing various field and shell repairs along with blind-to-blind services. Our experts specialize in using truck mounted, aerial, and self-propelled extractors. 

FCC Units

Onsite fabrication of Regenerator and Reactor heads with cyclones and removal and installation of new equipment. Fabrication and installation of new piping. All Mechanical work such as Exchanger removal, cleaning and installation, Tower work including fabrication of new trays if needed, Drum cleaning, valve replacement, blinding, etc.

Construction Projects of All Sizes

Whether you need a team for a small capital revamp or a large-cost critical construction project, International Energy Services can provide the best skilled professionals for the job. From painters, equipment operators, and welders to supervisors and consultants, our experts will ensure your project is executed as smoothly and safely as possible.

Project Management

In addition to our many manual labor services, International Energy Services employs a highly skilled and knowledgeable engineering team that can oversee and manage your next project all the way from the planning stage to execution. Whether you need a team to manage and supervise complete turnarounds or provide consulting and cost control advice, we can help.
Other Services
We offer API inspections (510, 653, 570), manufacturing of trays & packing, as well as consignment hardware.


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