At International Energy Services, our primary business focus is to provide and promote the highest standard of safety & quality throughout the entire industry. We believe that best practices in safety should be shared and followed by all who work in the oil and gas refinery, chemical and petrochemical industry, and we start by ensuring all of our employees are trained and qualified to complete projects as safely and quality as possible. Our excellent safety record is a testament to our commitment to finishing projects on time and with no incidents.

While we strive to provide our clients with impeccable work and professionalism, our main goal is to make certain that all of our projects are completed accident and injury-free and exceeding the standards of quality assurance. We are dedicated to following all safety procedures and policies in accordance with modern safety standards. Additionally, we strive to go above and beyond these standards when possible so that we can preemptively avoid unforeseen incidents. We also maintain a variety of internal safety training programs for our engineers, technicians, fabricators, fitters, boiler maker and craftsmen to ensure that all employees of International Energy Services are constantly reminded of the importance and significance of safe practices in the workplace and on the field.

No matter how large or small a project may be, safety and quality is our number one priority. By choosing International Energy Services for your next project, you are choosing to hire some of the most highly trained and safety-aware specialists in the Downstream, Midstream and Upstream industry.

Innovation. Efficiency. Safety.